Dance with Todd

Dance With Todd Inc. was established in 2014 as a 501(c)3 organization to assist others through the grief process.  Our purpose: DWT is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes, including relief of poor and distressed persons. DWT shall develop affordable housing for low-income persons. DWT shall also offer holistic supportive services and related goods to interested persons to support the body, mind and spirit. DWT shall make distributions to organizations that are aligned with similar purpose and qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code. No part of the organization’s net earning inure to the benefit of any member, founder, contributor, or individual.

Sherri Sengsouvanna’s world was shattered in 1993 when her then 12 year old Todd, was struck by a car and died instantly.  Nothing prepared her for the spiritual journey and crisis that lay ahead of her.  For more than 20 years following that fateful day, Sherri sought out answers to the meaning of everlasting life by simply following her heart and acting on her God-given intuition.   First and foremost, Sherri wanted to know that her son was okay but more importantly, she also wanted to know if there was a new way that she could learn to communicate again with Todd.

The signs were subtle at first, but the more Sherri learned to trust the signs and act on them, the more frequent they became until one day in September of 2013, when Todd showed up again in her life in a BIG way!  That was the day that brought profound healing and change once again as Sherri surrendered to God and the angels and began to fully embrace miracles as a natural part of life.  Watch the experience here that changed Sherri’s life: Todd’s Dance

It turns out that Sherri’s darkest moment was transformed into her greatest gift as she developed a divine connection to her Creator where all things are possible.  It is from this perspective that Dance With Todd Inc. was established to serve others as well. 

DWT is a developer of affordable housing for low-income families and seniors. DWT is also a provider of holistic supportive services and related goods for persons experiencing challenges in life, especially but not exclusively related to grief. Dance With Todd Inc is committed to
empowering people so they can more fully embrace their God-given gifts to better utilize their energy to express themselves in the world and create no harm to others or the environment in the process.
The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:

  1. to develop affordable housing for low-income persons, both families and seniors;
  2. to provide holistic supportive services to persons facing challenges in life, especially those in grief;
  3. to provide education to others on the use of holistic energy practices to improve their lives utilizing various tools including but not limited to: Feng Shui, Angels, Reiki, Yoga, Dowsing, Plants, Shamanism and Crystals as a bridge to greater self awareness, self-healing and self-sufficiency;
  4. to utilize the organization’s financial resources effectively and respectfully with open transparency to all interested parties and/or stakeholders;
  5. to treat the environment with the utmost care and embrace sustainable building materials and practices to the maximum extent feasible by creating no harm to the environment and;
  6. to create a work environment that empowers staff in their decision making and provides incentives for outstanding performance.

Dance With Todd Inc. acknowledges there are many paths back to our Creator that can ease the pain of grief.  We don’t presume to endorse anything other than what has worked personally for us.  So while Sherri’s journey continues, DWT will continue to embrace the lessons learned from grief to reach higher states of awareness and consciousness with our Creator where love heals all.

To learn more about Sherri and Todd’s sacred journey, visit us at: