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Following My Heart and Living with Joy

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I’m Not Crazy – I’m Just Following My Heart and Living with Joy!

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It’s Friday afternoon on a hot early summer’s day in Texas. I can feel the humidity in the air as temperatures are approaching the 90s and I know it’s only going to get hotter over the next several months in Southeast Texas. But today I’m laughing to myself as I sit on this amazing porch swing taking in the all sights and sounds from my second story perch outside my new writing studio in this quaint little eclectic community in Southeast Texas where I’ve landed with a divine purpose. It was less than a month ago that I had what I thought was just a lunch date where I met an old friend at this place. I thought we were just going to lunch to catch up, but what I didn’t know then that I know now, is the Universe had other plans that day! Yes it did and of course my son Todd, in Spirit, was leading the way.


Todd passed into the Higher Realms when he was just 12 years old which is more than 25 years ago but what I’ve come to understand since then, is that Todd is no 12 year old child anymore. While Todd still has the same infectious sense of humor that he had in his lifetime, which is one of the easiest ways to know that he is around me because, like today, when I find myself laughing and wondering, “how did I get here?” Instantly I can feel him hugging me and with all the wonder and excitement of a child, he whispers, “Isn’t it cool here Mom?” And that is how our conversation started, a conversation that I was able to draw inspiration from.

My Conversation with Todd

Todd: Isn’t it cool here Mom? I brought you here to write and write with purpose so we could really get busy on our divine projects. You know we still have a lot to do, right? You know we have lots of books to write for the kids, right? You know the kids are the leaders who are coming to Earth now to show humanity the divine way out of the darkness and chaos, right?

Me: Yes, Todd I know these things are true.

Todd: Then why would you be surprised that I wanted you to come here every Friday from now on and write with me?

Me: I’m not surprised by anything you do anymore. I just find it funny that I never saw that coming when I came here for lunch.

Todd: But that’s the beauty of it Mom. If I had told you then why you needed to go to lunch there, your humanness would have resisted because you didn’t think you would have time to do it. But as soon as you went there, you FELT it and knew it was your truth. Bam! I know your triggers and I knew how to get you there. After that, well the rest is history and here we are today swinging and playing like children on a Friday afternoon. And it’s from this space that we will write our next book for the kids.

Me: Let’s talk about that for a second Todd. I’m getting that this book will have a talking tree that is full of wisdom for the kids. I see the children sitting around an old oak tree where they will listen to the stories and wisdom of the tree. It reminds me of some of my fondest childhood memories of Kindergarten when we sat on the floor around the teacher at story time. It was what I most looked forward to for sure!

Todd: Yes Mom. We definitely have a main character that will be a wise old talking tree but we will also have some other awesome characters too, like a magic singing flute and a spider who lives in the tree. The beauty of these characters is that just about any child can find a tree in their backyard to talk to, or a musical instrument like a flute to play and of course there are spiders everywhere! What we are going to help them remember is that all living creatures big and small have important roles in the divine order of the Universe and they all have wisdom and magic to help them with whatever happens in their life. Those are the stories we will tell around the base of that talking tree with the help of singing flute and others. How cool is that? Now you know why you are here. Any other questions?

Me: What should we do today?

Todd: We should just slow down and remember what it was like to be five years old, when we were carefree and we didn’t worry about anything. Yes, let’s just do that today. Because in that space, you will feel the trees and hear the trees talk to you in a new way. It might be the wind rustling through the leaves. It might be a feeling. It might be a memory. It might be so much more! So let’s just do that today and see what shows up next. (Laughing and winking)

Me: Okay Todd, let’s just do that! You have my attention, as always. I’m sure it will be another divine adventure.

Todd: You know it will be Mom!

My Writing Inspiration

And that’s how I’m choosing to write the story of my life these days with divine guidance, listening to my heart instead of my head, and there I’m discovering a world of joy. Some may think that’s crazy but that’s okay because it makes me happy beyond belief, brings me prosperity and abundance for everything I need and most importantly, I know Todd has another divine adventure waiting for me if only I will surrender and accept the invitation.