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The Experience of Writing a Children’s Book

Writing a Children’s Book

Writing a children’s book was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life, mostly because it was a project that I co-created with my son Todd in the higher realms but also because it connected me back to the joy of writing that I discovered in high school. Having Storm of Joy recognized as an award winning book in 2017 by Reader’s Favorite and Best Book Awards is validation that I’m on the right track and serving others in a meaningful way that I enjoy.

Writing Storm of Joy

The writing experience around Storm of Joy was just the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I’m excited to see where it will take me over the next few years but I’m also honoring the part of me that has always known I was an author deep in my soul. To that high school sophomore who felt the first tinge of excitement in creating a compelling story through the power of the written word, I want you to know you were heard and acknowledged. I encourage my blog readers to trust whatever gives them joy and take some action, even if it’s just a baby step, in that direction. In doing so, they will discover the Universe has their back so they can bring their gifts into the world and make this a better place for one and all. That is my wish and Todd’s wish for each of them.

My Next Book

I’m definitely planning to write another children’s book within the next year, possibly two. I’m currently in the process of developing some new characters that will take on some adventures and use their superpowers to overcome challenges that they encounter along the way. With a little help from Todd, it will be coming soon so stay tuned for more details.