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My Inspiration to Become a Children’s Book Author

Children’s Book Author Inspiration

My children’s book author inspiration story begins in 1979. I was a sophomore in high school working on my one my first real writing assignments when I noticed how easily the words flowed from my mind to the paper. I wondered if I was doing it right but in hindsight that was just my own self-doubt checking in to tell me maybe I wasn’t that good at it. As it turned out, I got an “A” on that first major writing assignment and in that moment I realized that it was both easy and fun to create stories. I knew that writing was one of my gifts because it came from a place in my heart that makes me happy to do it.

Pushing Through and Overcoming Adversity

It took much more than some God-given raw talent to push me to become an children’s book author. It took more than 50 years of life experiences, filled with its ups and downs, to get me to a place where I felt that I had enough wisdom to write an inspiring story to share that might help others. And even then I paused. What did I know about becoming a children’s book author or publishing a book? Who has time to learn about that when I have other things to do? So again, I put writing a book on the back burner and focused on other things that gave me a sense of purpose in life.

I’m confident that each and every one of us has a story to tell.”

Todd Helped Me

I came to realize the idea of writing the book was not going to give me peace until dug into it and resigned myself to a process that I knew very little about. That was scary and that was when my son Todd, showed up in a new way to help me with the book. It was quite a learning process to say the least filled with excitement, rejection, disappointment and hope that in turn generated more excitement… and then the cycle repeated itself over and over until eventually I became a children’s book author with my first book, Storm of Joy.

children's book author of storm of joy

Storm of Joy

While Storm of Joy is based on my life story about overcoming the adversity of grief around Todd’s death, I’m confident that each and every one of us has a story to tell about things we have learned in our lives. No one is here by accident. Each and every person has a purpose and is constantly moving through their own sacred journey encountering life’s ups and downs and mastering the lessons along the way. So I became a children’s book author because I enjoy it and I continue to write to encourage others to do the same. Nobody can tell your story except you and if you focus on a time in your life where you wanted to give up but you didn’t, there’s a story there waiting to be told that will inspire others and bring you many blessings for having the courage to share your vulnerability with us.