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5 Steps to Mastering the Relationship with Money

I was born into poverty in rural America. One of seven children. We lived in a tiny 3 bedroom house with one bathroom in one of the poorest counties and in one of the poorest states of the country. To say that we grew up poor is certainly true but we were blessed by the fact that most of the other families in our area were in the same boat. That made our poverty circumstances seems somewhat normal and much more tolerable. But as a child, I remember looking up at airplanes flying overhead and thinking how nice it would be to ride in an airplane if I had more money. I told myself someday I would fly here and there and anywhere I wanted. Today, I am blessed to be able to fly around the country for my work and around the world for my spiritual work… if I have permission.

Was poverty my fate or my misfortune? I choose to see it as my fate. Ordained by my highest authority, me, before I was born. There are no coincidences in my life, only divine appointments in divine time. So I’m convinced I selected my parents, including their financial challenges, with purpose so I could master my relationship with prosperity and abundance, in all forms, including and especially money. As part of my spiritual work, I dove into this lesson head first and here are some interesting tidbits that I’ve learned along the way.

Spoiler alert: My son Todd was extremely gifted at making money before he passed away at the tender young age of 12. So I need to acknowledge him here and his role in teaching me about mastering money. But more about him later.

  1. Relationship Is Key – For many years I struggled with money because I believed I needed to work hard for it and because I felt there was never enough of it. I had in essence created an unhealthy relationship with money. If you can imagine money as a person, I was approaching money from such a needy perspective, no wonder it was totally out of balance. But once I decided to give money a voice in all my major expenditures, things started to turn around quickly.
  2. Money Wants a Voice – When I realized that money is merely energy with a specific frequency, I asked Spirit how to heal my relationship with money. The answer was short and sweet. “Give it a voice.” I paused. That was interesting feedback. So I began to engage money in an open conversation, much like I would if it were a person. The process was simple and the results were shocking.
  3. Permission Instead of Forgiveness – My nature in most things in life was to ask for forgiveness instead of permission unless I knew I would get the answer I wanted. I found that approach had worked well for me in the past but it doesn’t work well with money. When it comes to money, now I always ask for permission on any major expense to insure that my money wants to be invested in the purchase. It’s easy to get an answer by dowsing with a pendulum. Just for the record, I have never had money tell me “no” but I don’t stop with permission. I’m then focus on the next steps to create abundance.
  4. Good Questions – After I get permission to invest my money on a major purchase, I follow up with good questions related to abundance. Next I ask a question like, “If I invest my money on this purchase, will you come back to me?” If I get “yes” on that, I then ask, “Will you bring all your friends with you too?” And when I get a “yes” on that, I’m convinced I will not only have enough money for the purchase I’m contemplating, but I’m investing it with the intention to have even more money as a result. Again, I’ve never gotten a “no” to any of these questions but the fact that money is now a valued and respected member of my team has been a game changer to say the least.
  5. Trust and Take Action – This step is the most critical and unfortunately where self-doubt tends to creep in and derail everything. It took me some time to get comfortable trusting the advice of Spirit and taking action. It was actually my son Todd, who finally got me into shift into a trusting mode when he said, “You need to trust what I give you Mom. Stop asking me the same question three different ways to see if I’m going to give you a different answer. Just trust yourself and do something with it. What’s the worst that can happen?” Todd was so right about that. It has propelled me into action and resulted in blessings beyond my expectations.

That was four years ago. I was still very much in my spiritual diapers at the time and really didn’t have confidence in myself or my spiritual gifts. But I told Todd and Spirit that I would do whatever they wanted as long as they kept my income level at or above the level it was then. They agreed and have not let me down. My income has steadily increased year over year and with much less effort on my part. Amazing! Who knew it could be so easy to make money? By following these easy steps I have definitely overcome my challenges of my birth. In the process, I have developed a healthy relationship with money where there is always enough money to do the next thing. So if mastering your relationship with money is one of your life lessons, I invite you to try out the five steps above and just notice what happens. “What’s the worst that can happen? “ asks Todd laughing and winking.