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Honoring My Dad on This Father’s Day

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A Gift to Both of Us

It’s interesting that it has taken me 55 years to get to a point in my life where I can finally and honestly say that I honor my dad for all that he has done for me in this lifetime, from both this side and from the higher realms where he resides now. To say that my dad and I started off on the wrong foot right from the beginning might be a bit of an understatement. Even when I was first born, I can see in concern in my dad’s eyes about the child in his arms. Did he know then that I was coming into this world to challenge him at every turn and to challenge any authority figure in this world that didn’t make sense to me? Probably not. But I am convinced the life lessons from my father I learned over the years was because he knew something. He knew I was very different from my two older brothers and I don’t think he knew quite what to do with me. Not then and not for the next 21 years when we were together on this earth. It was a wild ride while learning all the life lessons from my father to say the least.

life lessons from my father

No Excuses

During those 21 years there were many moments where I tested him and he gladly returned the favor to remind me of his authority role in my world. My dad ran our household like an army drill sergeant where nothing I did ever seemed to good enough to please him and his constant loud barking tone just wore thin on my nerves at times. But, looking back now, I know that he was doing the best that he knew how to do raising seven children on a factory worker’s wages amid the constant chaos that only seven children bring to the table every day. It was definitely Darwinism at its finest, a test of the survival of the fittest, every day growing up with six siblings. The gift that my dad gave me through that chaos was to always do my best work the first time. No excuses. No second chances. Those life lessons from my father have served me well in my career and in my life in general. It has definitely helped me to get farther faster in this lifetime for sure and manifest my dreams with a sense of determination and grit. No excuses! Just do it! Thank you Dad for that gift.

Challenges of Alcoholism

My dad also had challenges with alcoholism which I judged harshly as a child and a rebellious teenager. At that time I could only see those behaviors as flawed and how his choices were making life harder for me as the oldest girl in the family and my mother, who I am convinced is the closest person to a saint that I will ever meet in this lifetime. Today, I am able to reflect on my dad’s choices and know in my heart that his addictions were part of his soul’s journey and it was perfect in every way for him. For me to judge him or anyone else for that matter, is not a reflection of them. Instead it is a reflection of judgment that I’m holding about myself as seeing myself as less than perfect in the eyes of my Creator. It continues to serve me well today. Thank you Dad for that gift.

Dad in my Dreams

Leading up to this Father’s Day, my dad recently showed up in a dream which is rather unusual. I don’t generally have many messages from him in the higher realms so I was quite surprised to see him in this dream. He was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans with rolled up cuffs, and appeared to be younger, maybe in his mid-thirties. He had lost a few pounds and looked really happy which made me smile because I don’t remember seeing him really happy very much in this lifetime. As I reached out to give him a big hug, I told him how happy I was to see him and his smile let me know that he was genuinely happy to see me too. As I hugged him, I couldn’t help but notice over his shoulder the nice older white Porsche that was parked behind him. I thought to myself, “Good for him. My dad finally gets to enjoy some of the finer things like a nice car, something he never had in this lifetime.” My insights from that dream are many but my biggest takeaway is that my dad is happy and doing well in the higher realms. What a gift! Thank you Dad for that gift too!

Life Lessons From my Father

So on this Father’s Day, I honor the man who signed up to be my dad. I know it wasn’t an easy assignment. I know I tested your limits many times. I know the life lessons from my father were very different than my personal life lessons and yet I know we were perfectly sent for each other to grow spirituality through the chaos of life. I’m sorry for all the grief that I gave you while you were here on earth but I’ll never be sorry that I picked you to be my dad. Happy Father’s Day in the higher realms Dad! You deserve all the divine blessings in the higher realms! Enjoy Father’s Day knowing that I finally get it and thank you for being my dad! I love you always and forever! I’ll see you again in my dreams….or otherwise!