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Lessons From the Ancestors – Part One

Boots on the Ground

Day One – Lessons From Ancestors

lessons from ancestors
It was August 6th 2018 when I landed in Shannon, Ireland, the land of my ancestors. Although I’m approximately 75% of Irish ancestry, I had never made it a priority in my life to embrace my Irish roots. But all of that was about to change. On this day, I instantly felt the warm embrace of ancestors long passed over into the higher realms welcoming me home. I did not know to what extent they intended to open my eyes and reveal wisdom or lessons to me during my visit but I was completely open to them and could definitely feel the excitement in the air. It felt like I was home in a land both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

I knew this would be another great adventure if I could simply stay out of my own way and trust the unseen promptings of my heart to guide the way. For I know that is the language of the higher realms where our souls live on into eternity. A language of love that speaks through the heart. Such is not an easy task to listen and follow the heart without question but I think I did well. So many amazing ‘aha’ moments and wisdom to be revealed along the way. All in divine order. All with constant signs from the Universe along the way to validate I was exactly where I was supposed to be at exactly the right time on this sacred journey.
With every breath I drew on this first day in Ireland, I felt my soul restored with an energy that I couldn’t put words to. Yet I could feel every cell in my body resonate with this place. Why should that be surprising since I am the result of every ancestor before me and it’s that DNA that runs my operating system? Even though my mind wasn’t aware of this place that my ancestors called home, my cells certainly remembered it on some level. And I was more than happy to put life on pause for two weeks to find out what I didn’t know about them and this magical place. I surrender. Let the adventure begin!

The Rowan Tree

Day Two – Lessons From Ancestors

lessons from ancestors - rowan tree
Who knew there is such a thing as a Rowan tree? Who knew the Rowan Tree Hostel and Café would be the first signs welcoming me to Ennis, Ireland on Day Two? Who knew the Rowan Tree Café would set the bar high for our morning coffee stops throughout the entire trip? Who knew that my next children’s book would feature a talking tree and now I know it’s a Rowan tree? But perhaps I should take a step back and let you in on the fact that my maiden name is Rowan. Whoa! These are my people. This is my tree. This is the main character in my next book! How exciting it was to feel validation at every turn arriving in Ennis that day. I can’t wait to learn more about the Rowan tree and the wisdom that my ancestors want to help me share with the children in my next book. The project continues to evolve into something bigger than me with a divine plan unfolding in perfect order.

Thank you Ancestors for the gift of the Rowan tree. I will do more research on this tree for sure. I will honor both the tree and my ancestors with this character in my new book. How cool is THAT! Soooo very interesting! Memo received and an awesome lesson for Day Two.

How I KNOW the Universe Speaks – It Whispers

At another point much earlier in my life I might have completely missed the synchronicities of how the Universe and my ancestors were speaking through the events that unfolded in the first couple days in Ireland. I might have chalked it up to coincidence or brushed by it quickly with a comment like “that’s interesting” and just moved on with the busyness of life. But no more.

What I’ve come to know without a doubt at this point in my life is that THIS is how the Universe speaks to me based on my belief in a supreme Creator of all living things that loves and values all of us equally. While it has taken me some time to get to this place of slowing down, being present in the moment, listening to the sights and sounds around me, and following the promptings of my heart, I feel like I finally get it!

I KNOW the Universe speaks through the whispers that resonate through the heart for it is there that we all experience great joy, when we listen and take action. The ego might try to convince me otherwise from time to time. That’s okay too because it was part of my life lesson to learn to listen to my heart and utilize it as my internal GPS rather than my mind. The ego also tried to convince me for a long time that when the body dies, we are done but then my son Todd proved to me that he lives in the higher realms where I can’t see with my eyes but I can feel with my heart. That is the language of the Universe. That is the language of the Heart. That is the language of the Ancestors. And that is where we can always find or reclaim our God given birthright of joy and unlimited blessings. It’s how I KNOW the next book will feature a talking Rowan tree. It’s how I KNOW my ancestors will help me share wisdom with the children. It’s how I KNOW there are no such things as coincidences in my life anymore. It’s how I KNOW that we are all eternal souls having human experiences. The Universe whispers “follow me” from my heart. When I follow without question, I find blessings beyond my wildest expectations waiting for me on the other side, like the Rowan tree. So my prayer for anyone reading this is that you also practice the art of slowing down and listening to the whispers of the Universe because there you will discover your gifts that only you can bring into this world.

“Just trust yourself. What’s the worst that can happen? Maybe, just maybe, you will discover that you can create Heaven on Earth.” – Todd

Spoiler Alert: Next Lesson involves an ancient Celtic language based on…you guessed it…TREES! I love it!