Sherri Sengsouvanna

Children’s Book Author

The Experience of Writing a Children’s Book

Writing a Children’s Book Writing a children’s book was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life, mostly because it was a project that I co-created with my son Todd in the higher realms but also because it connected me back to the joy of writing that I discovered in high school. Having Storm […]

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Why I Wrote a Childrens Book

Why A childrens book? Why not a book for a different age group? It was an interesting series of events that resulted in my decision to write a childrens book, Storm of Joy. I really wasn’t expecting children to be the audience when I started the writing process for my first manuscript, Dancing Grief Into […]

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My Inspiration to Become a Children’s Book Author

Children’s Book Author Inspiration My children’s book author inspiration story begins in 1979. I was a sophomore in high school working on my one my first real writing assignments when I noticed how easily the words flowed from my mind to the paper. I wondered if I was doing it right but in hindsight that […]

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Grieving Parents Gift Idea: Storm of Joy

When my son, Todd, passed away, I received a variety of gifts of condolences. Lots of food, flowers and money but the most cherished gifts were the stories, prayers, and books that people shared with me as a grieving parent gift. What helped me most to communicate with Todd was the gift of a book. […]

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Children’s Book About Death And Dying

Children’s Book About Death And Dying I was so ill-prepared to deal with the death of my son because, in part, death just wasn’t talked about in our society. I didn’t know how to help my only surviving child deal with the death of her sibling because I didn’t even know how to help myself. […]

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